My parents and I are planning a visit to NYC for November and I wanted to ask you guys if you had any recs for hotels? I’ve been looking all day and all the freaking hotels seem to have really bad reviews. My dad doesn’t want to stay in the Hilton or Marriot so it has to be a bit cheaper than that.

It would be really great if you had any advice. Obligatory question mark?

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Michael Pitt photographed by Hedi Slimane for the LA Times

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hmmmm what i mean when i say “people read the secret history and make the same mistakes as richard papen” is… all these photosets show up on my dash feat. modelesque character fancasts, foggy new england architecture, dark sartorial detailing, antlers for some reason, bloody hands holding cigarettes, all with quotes from richard’s narration early in the book, “a cross between a student prince and jack the ripper”, “like figures from an allegory, or long-dead celebrants from some forgotten garden party” etc — and no acknowledgement of the neuroticism and unattractive relationship disintegration and substance abuse and nervous breakdowns of the latter half of the book (which, yknow, are definitely the factors of the story that i can relate MY claustrophobic-elite-academic-institution experience to the most, lol), save for the occasional well-lit glass of scotch on a dark wood desk in yr charles macaulay photosets

it’s not like i’m requesting a sudden trend of secret history graphics containing pics of prescription pill bottles and cigarette butts floating in half-empty gin glasses, i’m just saying, like — a large part of the POINT of the book is that the aesthetic (i guess) that richard finds so faultlessly seductive and alluring in the first half is false and unsustainable and dangerous, and i feel like a lotta people who read it are also suffering from “a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs”

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Anonymous: YES HELLO i think youre gr9 and your love for musicals is a+ but the best is that youd defend and love allison until u die probably so basically you are the perfect combo thank u for being u <3

oh my god anon this made me so happy :’)

yes allison is my number one priority no one else compares

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Follow Katherine!

Shout out to the absolutely lovely Katherine! She’s wonderful and super intelligent and a great person and you should all totally follow her because she’s amazing.

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riemelt: ICH DENKE DAS DU BIST WUNDERBAR or however you say it correctly

man zoe you were supposed to be on anon! ;)

aber dankeschön, das gleiche gilt für dich! ich wollte dir sowieso gerade eine nachricht schicken :)

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Anonymously tell me what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat it. I am just genuinely intrigued.

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By Andrew Wheeler

“My name is Miles Morales, and I’m Spider-Man.” With those words, Donald Glover takes his place among the ranks of official on-screen Spider-Men.

It’s been known for a while now that Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man, would make his screen debut in an upcoming episode of the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, but only now do we know that the part will be voiced by actor and Spidey fan Donald Glover. It’s a brilliant casting decision that we choose to interpret as the first step towards more Miles in other media, rather than an end in its own right.


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INFP Traits - “The Idealists”


Positive Traits:

  • Capable of deep loving and caring
  • Laid-back, go-with-the-flow kinds of people
  • Are often free-spirited
  • Often have a good sense of humor
  • Enjoyable to be around
  • Sensitive, perceptive and highly intuitive
  • Excellent at reading people
  • Loyal and committed
  • Kindhearted and warm
  • Truly concerned for and care about others
  • Seek to meet needs of others
  • Can be highly creative
  • Usually calm and even-keeled
  • Intuitively understands the feelings of others
  • Seek lifelong relationships
  • Tend to be shy, reserved and thoughtful
  • Nurturing, supportive and encouraging
  • Typically recognize and respect others’ need for space
  • Usually able to express themselves well
  • Often perfectionists
  • Primary goal is to discover their meaning in life
  • Concerned with making the world a better place
  • Continuous quest to find underlying truths and meanings
  • Service-oriented, desire to help people
  • Good listeners
  • Gifted at putting people at ease
  • Sincere and genuine
  • Tend to make great mediators
  • Have strong value system, which they will passionately and aggressively fight for if violated
  • When they adopt projects they are interested in, will often become a “cause” for them, which they will vigorously work towards
  • Disinterested in the mundane details of everyday life
  • Dislike having to deal with hard facts and logic – do not value and are ineffective at using impersonal, objective judgment (can be positive and negative)
  • Possess high ideals and high standards
  • Often gifted writers and excellent at expressing themselves through writing
  • Humanistic
  • Likely have spontaneous, wild streak

Negative Traits:

  • May have difficulty leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • May be prone to struggle with insecurity
  • Strongly dislike having their space invaded
  • Needs praise and positive affirmation from others
  • When stressed, may be prone to emotional outbursts
  • Often reserved about expressing feelings and may be awkward and uncomfortable while doing so
  • Don’t give themselves enough credit when things go well and blame themselves entirely when things go wrong – often very hard on themselves
  • Intensely dislike conflict and criticism
  • If forced to deal with conflict, they are more focused on the way things makes them feel than with what is right and wrong – don’t care if they’re “wrong,” they simply do not want to feel badly
  • Can appear to be irrational and illogical, especially in conflict situations
  • Dislike having to deal with hard facts and logic – do not value and are ineffective at using impersonal, objective judgment (can be positive and negative)
  • In group situations, may have a “control” problem where they want to take over everything because group members’ standards often aren’t as high as theirs
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i interrupt my offensive blogging to bring you selfies from my last good face day

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Anonymous: This isn't a long show, but if you are at all into the vlog literature adaptations that have gotten so popular, Nothing Much To Do is probably the best one I've seen yet.

Ahhh thank you so much! I started it and I’m already in love with it :’)

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poxynox: Q & V

Q: A ship you’ve abandoned and why.
Puh, I usually stay pretty loyal to my ships. The only one I can think of right now Rachel/Finn from Glee because at some point it turned into this huge mindfuck of on and off. But then again, that entire show went downhill after season 1.

V: Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what?
Any? Oh boy let me tell you something. 3-way ships are my jam. Number one forever and always will be Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta from Les Mis. Basically anything in Les Mis they are all so 3-way shipable. Definitely Haru/Makoto/Rin from Free. Just work it out you guys, it doesn’t have to be this hard. Basically I could go on and on about this because I hate love triangles and 3-ways are always the best way to go ;)

send me some more, guys! :)

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Fandom-Related Questions

A: Your current OTP.
B: A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind.
C: A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can't.
D: What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?
E: Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what?
F: What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? What fandom was it?
G: What was your first fandom?
H: Do you prefer real-life TV shows or animated TV shows?
I: Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
J: Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr.
K: How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom(s).
L: Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?
M: A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to.
N: Your favorite fandom (for the people; not the thing you fangirl over).
O: Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of?
P: Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
Q: A ship you’ve abandoned and why.
R: A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships.
S: What's a headcanon you have?
T: What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships?
U: What are your favorite male/female ships?
V: Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what?
W: 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms.
X: 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms.
Y: A fandom you’re in but have no ships from.
Z: What's a ship that you want to ship publicly, but everyone on tumblr hates it so you keep your mouth shut about it?
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Does anyone have any show recs? Preferably something more light?

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This is why I love the theatre.


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