les amis; the formative years
Enjolras is different from all the other kids. He has a bit of a problem finding friends, warming up to them. Grantaire and Eponine grow up surrounded by domestic violence and abuse. Their biggest wish is to get out of there, to run away, to finally grow up. Combeferre struggles with the loss of his father, suddenly he feels alone and he asks himself why trying to find answers in his books. Courfeyrac is a happy child, almost too happy. The doctors say that he has ADHD and that makes him different. It makes him difficult and sometimes he hears his mother cry because she’ll never have a “normal“ child. Joly has to take care of his depressive mother, staying by the side of her bed, holding her hand. He asks her why she’s sad and she says she doesn’t know, but how is that possible? There has to be something that makes her sad, he thinks. And if he finds that something maybe he can make her better. Cosette is being passed on from foster home to foster home, never finding a family, never finding love. And Bahorel? Bahorel is simply born at the wrong side of town and he has to rely on his fist to make things better. But at least, they have each other. It makes it all better, all worthwile, and they know that it will stay this way forever. It does.
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